Thursday, May 05, 2005

Colorado Morning

Colorado Morning
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April 30, 2005: Snow!

No, it is is not what I expected. Didn't I get enough snow this year already? Okay, I did escape to tropical locations in Puerto Rico and West Africa, and England earlier this month was a spring time marvel, but still, Colorado is suppose to be the second most sunniest state in the US.

Eight days and nothing but clouds, rain and SNOW.

Seeing the snow in large clumps on the trees intrigued me. It took days to figure out why.
The trees had buds on them. Under the thick cover of snow, deep rose color buds and emerging green leaves pressed on in their relentless march to summer.

The snow will not deter them, nor should it deter me.


At 12:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you will just have to come back for another visit (but not in March/April - traditionally the snowiest months in CO - a little-known fact) and see some sunshine!

I like what you're getting at here, though...


At 9:03 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

And God said "Halt the snow," and suddenly the snow was halted.
Then God said "Bring forth the rain," and there was rain for many weeks, with hardly any sun or dry weather. It rained for part of April and most of May.
Then came June, and God said "Bring forth the sun, warmth and dry weather," and the sun, warmth and dry weather were brought forth and the people of the little villages were happy because they could plant their gardens, and walk outside without getting wet.


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